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Local Governance

The local school leadership council is the Marquez Governing Council where decisions are made that involve various aspects of the school within the authority of the Educational Service Center Superintendent and LAUSD Board of Education.

All parents and staff are invited to attend Council and Committee meetings. 

Governing Council Meeting Dates: 10/19/23. 11/30/23, 1/25/24, 2/22/24, 3/21/24, 4/25/24, 5/23/24 (if needed) and 6/6/24 (if needed)

Governing Council meets in the library or on Zoom:

Curriculum Committee & Parent Engagement Committee Meeting Dates: 11/2/23, 1/11/24, 2/8/24, 2/29/24, 4/4/24, 5/9/24

Budget Committee and Technology Committee Meeting Dates: 10/12/23, 11/9/23, 1/18/24, 2/15/24, 3/7/24, 4/11/24, 5/16/24

Committee meeting locations and Zoom links: 

Budget Committee: Room 2 or click here to participate on Zoom:

Curriculum Committee:  Room 32 or click here to participate on Zoom:

Parent Engagement Committee: Room 38 or click here to participate on Zoom:

Personnel Committee: TBA

Technology Committee: Room 28 or click here to participate on Zoom:


What is an affiliated charter?

Marquez Charter School is an affiliated charter of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Read below to learn more about the governance and fiscal relationship of an affiliated charter and the district.

LAUSD Affiliated Charters Bulletin

Local Control Funding Formula for Marquez Charter
LAUSD Accountability Documents: Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan
LAUSD Local Control Accountability Plan
Integrated Safe School Plan
Governing Council Agenda & Minutes



Parent Engagement