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New Parent Guide (Helpful FAQs for All)

Welcome to Marquez Charter!

We have prepared this “New Parent Guide” as a resource for parents who may have questions.  

This website is frequently updated with all of the pertinent information about school events and updates. The best way to find information on our website is to go to the Search area at the top right corner of the webpage and type in some key words.




1. What forms do I need to turn in the first week of school?

In the First Day Packet, there are two important items that should be returned to school as soon as possible. One form authorizes your child to use our school’s electronic devices. Please complete the Acceptable Use Policy for Usage of Computers and return to your child’s teacher on the first day of school. It is also available on the website. The second item is the Emergency Information Card. This is vitally important should you child become ill or injured and we cannot locate you.

The following forms will also be in the Packet. Please fill out and return as soon as possible.


_____ Parent Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form: this form is attached to the LAUSD Parent Student Handbook. 

_____ Restitution Policy: this form acknowledges that you have read the policy that indicates you will be monetarily responsible for any damage your child may cause to school property.

_____ Pesticide Use Notification: this form allows you to be notified if desired when pesticide application takes place on campus. 

_____ LAUSD Title IX Information and Complaint Process describes that no student shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination and the process for reporting complaints. 

_____ Traffic Plan and Carpool Placard shows the passenger loading and unloading rules for school.


2. What supplies does my child need?

Lots of folks ask what their child needs to be prepared for the first day of school.  Honestly, what your child will need in his/her class depends on their specific teacher (who will give you that information personally).  Your teacher will provide the standard items such as paper, glue, pencils, folders, etc. 

Here are some suggested items:

  • A backpack (without wheels) big enough to hold a 9x12 inch school-sized folder + lunch + snack + water (aka a decent-sized backpack or beach bag, you’ll need an upgrade from your preschool version)
  • TWO separate food containers (one for lunch & one for snack)
  • A water bottle (no glass) *consider purchasing a BPA free Marquez water bottle and add your child’s name 


3. What is FOM?

Friends of Marquez is the parent fundraising association that provides the funding for our enrichment programs, teachers for smaller classrooms, instructional aides, equipment and supplies.

FOM also arranges community events, organizes volunteers for certain school events and assists with the website and other technology needs. Directors are elected for overlapping, two-year terms. FOM general meetings are held monthly (check the school calendar for dates). Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.


4. What is Governing Council?

The Marquez Governing Council is responsible for making operational, curriculum related, budgetary and other policy decisions for our school. The Governing Council consists of the Principal, 6 teachers, 1 non-teaching employee, and 4 parents of students attending Marquez. This structure ensures that Marquez’s programs address the needs of its student body. Representatives have overlapping, two-year terms and are elected by their respective peers. Governing Council meetings dates/times are noted on the school calendar.


5. What are Classroom Parents & Head Room Parents?

The Classroom Parent is the liaison between the teacher and the rest of the parents in each classroom. They serve as the “go to” person when parents have questions, and they coordinate a number of different volunteer positions. Classroom Parents also organize and distribute the Class Roster. In addition, Classroom Parents act as a liaison between FOM and the rest of the parents in the class by distributing important information and encouraging class participation in FOM-sponsored events. Classroom Parents are asked to attend the monthly FOM & Head Room meetings to keep them informed of current and upcoming FOM matters. 

The Head Room Parents help all the Classroom Parents if they can’t attend a meeting or have any questions about campus events.  


6. What are Classroom Volunteers?

Classroom volunteers oversee activities in your child’s classroom. Every teacher has different needs for their particular class. Your child’s teacher will discuss the volunteer opportunities with you on Back to School Night. All interested volunteers must complete the LAUSD Volunteer application.

7. What fundraisers and community events does Marquez have?

Marquez has many different fundraisers during the school year. We hope that Marquez families will participate in all of our fundraisers to the extent that they are able, as we have found that our fundraisers are also some of the most fun community events in our community. Listed below are a few of the biggest fundraisers:

The Marquez Enrichment Fund Campaign kicks off the school year. 100% of the funds raised from this Campaign go directly to the school and programs for your children such as more teachers for smaller class sizes, Science, Technology, Art, Edible Garden, Music, Physical Education, Teacher Aides in each classroom and more. The suggested donation is $1400.00 per child. This is completely voluntary and at the discretion of the family.

Year of Parties: This is one of our most popular fundraisers. Marquez families host and underwrite different kinds of parties for kids and adults, and the attendees pay a fee to attend the parties. Successful parties in the past have included Flocking, Movie Night, Father Daughter Dance and many more. All proceeds from Party Book events go directly to FOM to fund the enrichment programs at Marquez.

Live Auction: This is THE party of the year and should not be missed! It’s a popular event for parents, school faculty and staff.

Birthday Marquee: Every week the marquee will list the events for the upcoming week. You can pay $25 to have your child’s birthday announced as well.  Kids love this!  

Book Fair: One week in November the auditorium transforms into a book store and gift shop. Perfect time to buy gifts for the holidays. Read A Thon: Each year, children read as much as they can during this time, gathering pledges from family and friends.  


9. What is the Class Roster?

The Class Roster is an option used by class parents only. This roster may be compiled, with parental consent, to be used as a tool for communication within the classroom. The Classroom Parent will create and provide the roster to all families in the class. This roster is often a treasured keepsake. 


10. What is a Classroom Donation Fund?

This donation is specifically for your child’s classroom. Each room amount is different but ranges from $40-$100.  The donation covers supplies, projects, field trips and requests teachers can’t obtain from LAUSD that would be too costly or inappropriate to self pay. 


11. What After School activities are available for my child? 

The Beyond the Bell – Youth Services After-School Program of organized games, enrichment activities,
nutrition, physical fitness and homework time is provided for those students capable of independent supervision to, from, and at the playground site. The Beyond the Bell Youth Services After-School Program is not a child care program. It is a permissive program. Students sign-in and leave the program by their own volition.
Children are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and may lose the opportunity to participate if their
behavior is disruptive. Families may fill out the Application and Agreement form and turn it into the Main Office before their child can participate. 

STAR ( is also available and offers after school-education (Galaxy), after school-enrichment (Nova). STAR also offers daytime preschool classes.


12. Absences, Tardies and Early Pick-Up

Upon returning from an absence, please send your child's teacher a written or emailed note providing a reason for absence. Please read the LAUSD Attendance Guide for more information.

If your child arrives after class begins, they must enter through the Main Office and sign the Tardy Notebook and bring a pass to class. 

For Early Pick-Up, an authorized adult listed on the child's Emergency Information Card may fill out the Early Pick Up Form in the Main Office. The child will be summoned from the class to come to the office.



We hope you will find this information helpful. We encourage you to attend the FOM and/or Governance Council Meetings and find out how to get more involved at Marquez. We strongly believe that our school continues to be successful because of the collaborative efforts among parents, staff, administration and community. We are delighted to welcome you to our school family.


Welcome to the Marquez Family!!